My name is Andrew Scott Barr.


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Short Bio

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a budding programming consultant and current startup entrepreneur, based in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. I received an undergraduate degree in Applied and Computational Math Sciences at the University of Washington. Additionally, I began work for a doctorate in Applied Math at UC Merced, but left to pursue startup opportunities.

My studies and research were focused on applied math and high performance computing (HPC). I received a number of awards, including the Mary Gates Scholarship, for which I am very thankful, to support this. I was privileged to receive permission to take 10 graduate courses as an undergraduate student.

I have a strong interest in pedagogy that comes from 7 years working as a piano teacher. On the side, I teach piano and programming.

I am really interested in wiki-style collaboration and attended the internation Wikimedia conference in Haifa. As for travel, I am open to going to any place where interesting science is taking place where it is feasible for me to receive funding. Google Summer of Code is pretty sweet too! On the side, I am read papers in language processing research (currently brainstorming with some linguistic students) and experiment (github link forthcoming!), volunteering, and studying languages.

Futurism is a topic that fascinates me and I strive to incorporate technology into many aspects of my life. I truly hope to use AI in all domains and am the first to volunteer for any sort of implants to augment my memory capacity. I am active in the local Quantified Self MeetUp, and will share more of this in the future.

I have held a long-term interest in botany/horticulture. I have years of experience growing the following plants from Peru: Aji Amarillo, Rocoto, Aji Cereza, Huacatay, Lucuma, Cherimoya, and Maiz Morado. Please email me if you would like to talk about growing these!


My CV contains more information on my academic career.

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Contact Information

PHONE: (425)829-7011

EMAIL: el.andy.barr(at)gmail(dot)com

Skype: andysbarr


In general, I am easily available by appointment during the weekdays before 4pm. My de facto office being the nice tables at SoulFood Books in Redmond or Cafe Rococo in Kirkland.

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